Sunday, October 31, 2004

The problems with podcasting

This article summarizes the issues I was talking about with Mike Levin.

The general problem is not really any different than blogs: they may not have content or form that interests you. The brilliance of blogs is that they are how the "custom newspaper" is formed. I could never quite believe the prediction that you'd go to some big news service who would create your custom paper for you, but I didn't realize that personally choosing blogs based on their writers was the answer.

But the addition problem with "audio weblogs" is that they are linear -- there's no way to skim them. And I don't think that metadata is the answer. I think the answer is the same as with blogging: the creator of the presentation needs to work hard to keep your interest and keep up the forward momentum, so that you not only keep listening, but you keep coming back.

I also think that there will be a variety of formats and different people will be drawn to different formats. Some will like more of the background chatter, and others (like me) want something to listen to during long drives, and for us the "chatty" aspect isn't interesting.