Thursday, October 21, 2004


Well, FireFox detects an RSS feed when it's pointing to this page, so
it appears they have this automatically available (although I've never
actually had any tool that does the RSS subscription thing so I don't
really know what to expect). Ding. Another feature taken care of. There
must be a downside to this thing. Although Daniel said Google owns it
so I suppose there might not be, or perhaps it's just very tolerable.

Hmm. They must be thinking about podcasting or audioblogging or
whatever it's supposed to be called. That would be nice but I don't
see them providing the bandwidth.

I wonder what happens with URLs. Here's a raw URL:
Here's one inside HTML tags:

Because it does the RSS thing, I could probably remove the RSS from my
site (since it took a lot of bandwidth) and instead put it here.
People could subscribe to this RSS, and then when I publish an article
I could simply announce it here. Also, I could just use the feedback
mechanism they have here.