Thursday, October 21, 2004

Who would have thought it could be this easy?

Ok, it's clear that email blogs work, based on the posting below, which I successfully sent through email.

I guess as a programmer I always tend to think of the complexity of
things. And of course I've been bugging Bill about this for what seems
like at least a year, and it's just more than he was ready to do, so
it did seem hard. But now I've spent about 20 whole minutes and I have
something working (not like I actually programmed anything, of course,
just did some searching through the help system).

So the temptation, of course, is to just make this my "casual thought
blogging" area (does anyone really want to read my non-programming
thoughts?). Or make it about stuff my audience wants to read, but less
formal, and with allowances for slightly off-programming remarks. I
guess I'll have to give it some thought now that I'm face-to-face with
the real possibility rather than just imagining "wouldn't it be nice
to have email blogging."

It is awfully nice, though, just to be able to write an email and not
go through the big operation required to publish an article. I find
these "lowering-the-bar" factors can often be extremely important. If
you only have to do "a few extra things" then those barriers can often
prevent you from doing something.