Wednesday, February 02, 2005

jre/lib/ext no more?

I vaguely remember hearing about a security issue that involved the jre/lib/ext directory. I do have the latest J2SE5 installed, and at least one program that used to work now runs into problems when trying to load something from a Jar file that is in the jre/lib/ext directory, but not in the classpath. It seems to work when I add the Jar to the classpath.

So I'm guessing that the days of saying "just put the jar in the jre/lib/ext directory" are no more. Can anyone confirm/deny this?

[Later] If I do a Java installation, I seem to get two jre/lib/ext directories. I have a directory called "ProgTools" where I put Java, and a jre/lib/ext appears there, and that's where I've been putting the extra Jars. There's a second one that appears under "Program Files" regardless of where I install Java. Oddly, Ant seems to find the ProgTools jars during compilation, but if I try to run a program by hand (without Ant), I have to explicitly put the Jar in my classpath to get it to work. What I haven't tried yet is taking all the extra entries out of my classpath and moving the Jars from the Progtools to the Program Files jre/lib/ext directory.

The thing is, I'm pretty sure it was working before I upgraded to J2SE5.01. There may be an configuration variable somewhere that says which jre/lib/ext directory to use.

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