Thursday, March 24, 2005

More Jobs

Last week at the SD conference Bill Venners heard from the people at that the job postings this month are twice what they were last year at this time.

This week at the Python conference in DC we were handed a bag at registration that contained many sheets of paper from different companies saying "we're hiring Python programmers." This says a lot about both the economy and Python.

The conference has roughly 25% more people this year than last. We've outgrown the conference center at GWU, and will have to go to a larger facility.

The conference continues to be very good, very high energy. There is talk of adding a more introductory tutorial track next year, since it has more of the flavor of a technical conference and some folks would like to get up to speed on more of the fundamentals.

Guido Van Rossum gave his "State of Python" keynote this morning, and the formerly-named "optional static typing" has evolved nicely into something that seems more palatable, and will be renamed since it really isn't about static typing. Everything is still in the early stages but I think that something very interesting could result, that would NOT get in the way (which is what most people have been afraid of when the phrase "static typing" was used).

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